Babylon Public Library

Teen Community Service

The Babylon Library Young Adult Department currently has two ongoing community service opportunities. Check our Teen Events Calendar for additional community service programs. Community Service forms will be available 1-3 business days after the service is performed.

Teen Book Reviews:

Our local teens have written book reviews on many popular books. Anyone that writes a book review will receive community service hours too!

If you are interested in writing your own book review fill out our book review form and turn it in at the Reference Desk.

Book Review Guidelines

  • Fill in the attached sheet with as much information as possible.
  • Reviews must be clearly written.
  • Do not write foul language, but do mention if foul language is used in the review selection.
  • Hand in form to a librarian at the Adult Reference Desk.
  • You will be called to pick up your community service form no more than 3 business days after handing it in.
  • Reviews will be checked for plagiarism and accepted at the discretion of the Young Adult Librarian.
  • No assigned school readings, please! We want to hear about books you read for fun!
  • Each review is worth 2 community service hours (you cannot do more than 5 reviews per school year).

Troopons – Coupons for Troops:

The Troopons program helps military families by sending them coupons for food, non-food, baby, and pet manufacturer coupons. Cut out coupons according to the directions below and bring your bags of coupons to the Reference Desk at Babylon Library to be sent and to receive community service credit.

Troopons Guidelines:

  • The Troopons program has very specific instructions. Please see them here and feel free to contact us with any questions.
  • Bring your bags of coupons to the Reference Desk at Babylon Library for them to be sent and to receive your community service credit.
  • Bags must be submitted to the library with at least 10 coupons per category (see instructions in link above for categories). You do not need to submit a bag of every single category for credit.
  • 1 bag of 10+ coupons = 30 minutes of community service credit.
    • Ex: 10+ unexpired food coupons = 30 min.
    • Ex: 10+ expired food coupons = 30 min.
    • Ex: 10+ unexpired baby coupons = 30 min.
  • Please do not submit duplicates of the same categories (ex: 2 bags of 10 unexpired pet food coupons). These will not count as an additional 30 min.

Contact with any questions.